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Resource Review Process:

Sphere Education Initiatives involves the support of educators and scholars who are experts in their field to peer review content for publication. Through this peer review process, we ensure our content meets the highest levels of accuracy, grade level appropriate academic rigor, and viewpoint diversity. We solicit feedback from our educator community by rereleasing content, working with focus groups of educators to ensure the content is supporting them in their discipline, and providing them opportunities to co‐​create content.

Sphere Education Initiatives is committed to ensuring our content is trustworthy, viewpoint diverse, and relevant. This standard is upheld by not allowing funders to have influence or input on our educational resources and programming.

Resource Feedback:

To serve and support our educator community best, we welcome constructive feedback and suggestions from users of Sphere Education Initiatives resources. If you are interested in providing such feedback, please complete this contact form. Thank you for your interest in Sphere’s resources and materials, together we can advance and rekindle the foundation of civic culture in America.