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Discussion Questions: The Most Common Arguments Against Immigration and Why They’re Wrong

By Alex Nowrasteh


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Completion Questions

  • List the 5 principal reasons behind the positive overall effect of immigrants on native born American wages.
  • In 2006, how much did non‐​elderly illegal immigrants consume in government healthcare benefits? What is their percentage of the total spending for the same group that year?
  • Is the illegal immigrant crime rate higher or lower of native‐​born Americans in Texas?
  • List the four categories of green cards. What categories are missing?
  • List three facts that surprised you. Explain.

Discussion Questions

  • What are some reasons people immigrate to the United States?
  • Explain the misconception of why immigrants enter this country illegally.
  • Should we open immigration and develop an easier path for legal immigration? What’s the strongest argument opposed to your perspective?
  • What rights should an immigrant have in our country?
  • Where do you think all the myths in the pamphlet originated from? Use history and present‐​day examples.

Extension Questions

  • Is Immigration an issue in your region or city? If so, why?
  • What if there were no immigrants in your area, what would happen?
  • What are sanctuary cities? Argue for and against them.
  • What is birthright citizenship and why has it become part of the news the last few years?
  • Pick three myths/​facts about immigration from the booklet and find corresponding news articles/​current events about each myth/​fact.
  • Write an article about immigration using the myths, the facts, and current events in your area.

Extension Activities