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Sphere Summit

Sphere Summit: Foundations of Civic Culture

Dates and Times
Cato Institute
1000 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20001


Apply today for Sphere Summit: Foundations of Civic Culture for the summer of 2023! Sphere Summit, a full scholarship professional development program for grades 5–12 educators, returns as a fully in‐​person experience in Washington, DC, and will run July 28–August 1. Benefits include room and board, 20+ hours of professional development, classroom resources, and a $500 travel stipend upon completion of the program.

The Sphere Summit is a full scholarship summer program for grades 5–12 educators and administrators. Summit is open to teachers of all subject areas and disciplines.

The Sphere Summit features presentations by leading policymakers, scholars, and academics, who discuss key public policy issues facing our nation today. Topics covered include free speech, the health of our democracy, criminal justice reform, immigration, war and foreign policy, the economy, and many others. The Summit also features professional development workshops conducted by the foremost providers of professional development on how to bring these ideas into your classroom.

The Sphere Summit aims to restore a spirit of civil, constructive, and respectful discourse and engagement and to return facts, analysis, and research to primacy as the vehicles for discussion and debate.

Please note that the event program will be released in early 2024.