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Virtual Professional Development Program for Educators

Sphere & Junior State of America Event on Capital Punishment

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Featured Speakers
Clark Neily
Clark Neily

Senior Vice President for Legal Studies, Cato Institute

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Cato’s Sphere Education Initiatives and The Junior State of America (JSA) Foundation are excited to host a workshop for educators on facilitating civil, constructive, and respectful classroom discourse on issues of public policy. Driven by student submitted bills, this conversation will consider the topic of capital punishment, the current policy landscape, and the moral and philosophical underpinnings of arguments on all sides.


A Brief Agenda:

  • Introduction from JSA and Sphere
  • 10–15 minutes of an overview of the current policy situation from Clark Neily
  • 20–30 minute panel conversation with the speakers discussing some of the moral and philosophical questions that animate capital punishment policy
  • Question and answer session with teachers and the panelists