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Special Event

Real World Economics:

A Collaborative Program on Economics and Civil Discourse

Date and Time
Virginia Credit Union
7500 Boulder View Drive, Richmond, VA 23225
Featured Speakers
Daniel Mortensen
Daniel Mortensen

President and CEO, Virginia Council on Economic Education

Cheryl Ayers
Cheryl Ayers

Co‐​Director, Center for Economic Education

Allan Carey cropped
Allan Carey

Director, Sphere Education Initiatives

John Snoad cropped photo
John Snoad

Senior Manager

In Cooperation With

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Sphere Education Initiatives, the Virginia Council on Economic Education, and the Virginia Tech Center for Economic Education invite you to a special one‐​day professional development event in Richmond, Virginia, on Tuesday, April 16.

Join us for an insightful and interactive exploration of instructional strategies that foster diverse viewpoints and civil discourse in your economics classroom. During the morning session, teachers will learn how to apply economic reasoning skills to critically inquire, analyze, discuss, and debate hot topics in economics, and then practice these skills in breakout groups. Teachers will also learn how to research controversial issues and implement culturally responsive instructional strategies to develop students’ evidence‐​based opinions while cultivating civil dialogue toward opposing viewpoints.

In the afternoon session, teachers will learn how to empower students to understand positive and negative externalities by examining the impact of public policy, tradeoffs, and core economic principles, such as supply and demand, price regulations, and decision‐​making. They will also discover strategies to integrate diverse viewpoints and civil discourse as a regular classroom practice using content and lesson plans relevant to real‐​world economics. By exploring the nexus between civil discourse and economic literacy, teachers will inspire students to think critically about our most pressing issues.


  • Built especially for teachers and administrators, this free event offers the following benefits:
  • 6 hours of professional development
  • Free classroom‐​ready resources, including current events articles, student‐​friendly PowerPoint slides, activity sheets, research studies, lessons and books
  • Light breakfast and lunch
  • $75 stipend upon completion



Registration and Light Breakfast



Daniel Mortensen, Virginia Council on Economic Education
Cheryl Ayers, Virginia Council on Economic Education





Allan Carey, Sphere Education Initiatives
John Snoad, Sphere Education Initiatives


Distribution of Certificates and Stipends