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High school students in a group discussion
Professional Development Program for Educators

Critical Social Justice Pedagogy and Black Well‐​Being

A Conversation with Free Black Thought

Date and Time
Live Online
Featured Speakers
Tabia Lee headshot
Dr. Tabia Lee

Founding Member, Free Black Thought

Jason Littlefield
Jason Littlefield

Executive Director, EmpowerED Pathways

Connie Morgan

Author and UX Researcher

Erec Smith
Erec Smith

Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Composition, York College

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This panel explores the impacts and outcomes of critical social justice ideology on black wellbeing in k‑12 and higher ed. Starting in pre‑K and ending in the university, education that claims to empower students within a liberal arts education often seems disempowering and quite illiberal. This toxic tutelage, according to the team at Free Black Thought, does more harm than good. Hear members of Free Black Thought have a conversation on what needs to be done, what can be done, and what is already being done to combat the detriments of critical social justice pedagogy in our schools.

Panelists for this webinar include Dr. Tabia Lee, a founding member of Free Black Thought, Jason Littlefield, executive director of EmpowerED Pathways, Connie Morgan, author and UX researcher, and Erec Smith, associate professor of rhetoric at York College of Pennsylvania and visiting scholar at the Cato Institute.



Panel Conversation: Free Black Thought

Featuring Dr. Tabia Lee, Jason Littlefield, Connie Morgan, and Erec Smith. Moderated by Allan Carey